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Where are all the Jakk's crazy threads now?

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  • Where are all the Jakk's crazy threads now?

    Maybe you guys will listen to me a bit more now

    Ol Crazy JAKK has told you step by step what was going wrong, who should have been kept, who let go

    Who's crazy now?

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    Don't worry Tom has a whole list of BC Grads he can bring in now.........I don't know about more sons in law


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      There is no such thing. You startem and we come running. That being said......It's over. How sad this is.

      BTW, jakk, gloating because you were right about us sucking makes you an *** hole. Just saying.
      I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.


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        It's amazing how when the Giants are getting their heads stomped in, we are hear ready to devour each other. LOL!

        I'm getting a drink! Maybe smoke a little green too.....why not?


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          We don't SUKK!!!!!! We have TERRIBLE leadership and have made miserable decisions on who to keep and who to cut

          Cowher could turn this team on a dime.......or Saban

          I can see when a team has quit.......this team quit last year against Atlanta and its never changed