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SB Host Team....Is The Fix ON????

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  • SB Host Team....Is The Fix ON????

    I really don't believe there's a fix on....but is uncanny how things have gone for the Super Bowl host team in recent years. The 2000 season was the last time a Super Bowl host team even MADE THE PLAY-OFFS. The law of averages says whoa...

    2000 @ Tampa, The Bucs get in as a wild-card.

    Now, from 2001-2010, I think it's reasonable to say that there weren't legit Super Bowl contenders in the list

    01 - New Orleans (7-9)
    02 - San Diego (8-8)
    03 - Houston (5-11)
    04 - Jax (9-7)
    05 - Detroit (5-11)
    06 - Miami (6-10)
    07 - Arizona (8-8)
    09 - Miami (7-9)

    In 2010, the game was in Dallas, and I recall there being a lot of "this could be the year". Then Dallas got off to a horrible start and could not recover, finishing 6-10.

    In 2011, The Colts could have been a contender, but then.....Peyton gets hurt, out for the year, Colts go 2-14.

    In 2012, The Saints could have been a contender, but then Bounty-gate took care of that, 7-9.

    Now here in 2013, The Giants off to an 0-3 and staring at 0-4, as bad as the NFC East is, I don't think they get out of the hole. I had actually pegged them as 3-13 this year because of the whole Super Bowl thing. Of course there's the Jets...and although they have fared better then Big Blue, I don't see them getting past Denver, New England, Houston, and Baltimore.

    With next year being in Arizona, it's not looking too good then either.

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    Sure sounds like it...

    I read a post (i forget who it was) saying he hoped it snows hard so they never have another super bowl in metlife. I concur with that sentiment now...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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      There have been a few threads like this. It is crazy how the superbowl host team hasnt even been to the playoffs in 13 years. They probably are letting the Jets slide because, well, they are the Jets and dont need help falling off the cliff, lol