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If we don't start jamming the receivers.....

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  • If we don't start jamming the receivers.....

    we might get destroyed in the playoffs. The reason this game was even close is because the Cowboys went to the formula that has beaten us every time this year, just too late. Dink and dunk underneath. We can't continue to have 7-10 yards of separation and expect good things. We need to start jamming the receivers more often to give our line time to get to the QB and to disrupt the receiver timing.

    Don't get me wrong, I think this is a very good team but look at the teams that beat us and how they did it. If it wasn't for our superb offense we wouldn't even be in the playoffs. The two scores tonight emphasized exactly what I was talking about. They abandoned the run and just kept us reeling with short yardage pass plays. It takes it's toll to have to defend a team on a 15 play scoring drive over and over. I wish we would just play up on the receivers more.