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Eagles, Cowboys, & Jets -- OUT!!

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  • Eagles, Cowboys, & Jets -- OUT!!

    I'm not the type of person to post about other teams, but I just couldn't resist after what transpired this regular season.

    EAGLES: I really do believe that the Eagles are a talented team who will be good next year, but it is very satisfying seeing them staying home this January after the constant drooling over them in the preseason.

    'BOYS: If ANY EXPERTS pick the Cowboys to do ANYTHING next year, they need to lose their "expert" status. The 'Boys have SOME stellar talent SURROUNDED by THE definition of MEDIOCRITY -- their OL, their D, their coaching, and their FO are nothing but average...and that's being kind.

    (NOTE: I'm sure both the Eagles and Cowboys will be picked ahead of the Giants next pre-season. Along with the 'Skins once they trade for their next franchise QB, Kyle Orton.)

    JETS: Oh, Tannenbaum will make his big moves up in the draft like always and we'll hear about how awesome they are. The Mara's little brother, Woody Johnson, will still be begging for headlines for his team but Gang Green, you REALLY stunk this year. You and your obnoxious fans. Good pairing of Holmes (the quitter) and Plax (I still like Plax) as your 1-2 punch for WRs. The ONLY reason why your D is above average is because of Revis and Rex Ryan. You guys didn't even have a difficult schedule, and you're still at home.

    This is my most satisfying night of the 2011-12 football year, so far. Giants just made the playoffs AS WELL AS playing BIG parts in punching the tickets home for the Eagles, 'Boys, and Jets.