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Giants May Go Younger On Defensive Line

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    I'm not even Dis'n the DTs. Its been a step up from last year. I just like to see the new blood get a shot. I'm more disappointed with the DEs. I really want Moore getting real time out there too.
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      Originally posted by funkybudda View Post
      yawn, too little too late. Should have went young sooner rather than later.
      No way. Jenkins and Patterson looked too good in pre season. Damontre Moore on the other hand should have made the rotation, but remember, he had an injured shoulder the first 3 games.
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        Originally posted by RoanokeFan View Post
        You're a real "cut-up".
        Ha, ha, ha it didn't sound right at all but you get the point
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          Originally posted by RoanokeFan View Post

          Excerpt: "It's not necessarily by choice, but if you look at the New York Giants' defensive line rotation in Sunday's game against the Eagles, you might see a couple of new -- and younger -- faces. Rookies Johnathan Hankins and Damontre Moore could be significant parts of the defensive game plan in Week 5.

          Starting defensive tackles Linval Joseph and Cullen Jenkins missed practice Wednesday due to injuries. Backup Shaun Rogers also sat out with an injury. That led Giants coach Tom Coughlin to mention Hankins, the second-round draft pick who has been on the inactive list for each of the first four games, as a guy who could make his debut Sunday.

          "I liked Hankins' work a week ago," Coughlin said. "I thought he was a really difficult guy for us to block in practice from an offensive standpoint, and I really felt like John was ready to contribute, and I feel the same way right now. I'm looking forward to watching him play."

          Hankins has been healthy, but has been inactive every game due to the veteran depth the Giants have at defensive tackle. With injuries eating away at that depth, and having had an extra month to develop his NFL game in practice, it may be time for Hankins to show what he can do. Which is ...

          "Stopping the run," Hankins said. "That's what they brought me here for. It's not going to be easy against Philadelphia. They have a great running back and a great quarterback who can run. But I am ready for the challenge."

          Hankins has impressed his teammates in practice as well.

          "Hank has done a good job out there in practice, and our confidence level in him is huge," defensive end Justin Tuck said. "He was a second-round draft pick for a reason, and I think he can get the job done." Read more...
          The changing of the guard! Get some kids in there that want to play. They got that fire in the belly! Something our vets are lacking!
          Players come and go on the Free Agency Merry-Go-Round, but the N.Y. Giants will always be here!


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            Originally posted by joemorrisforprez View Post
            I agree.

            Don't get me wrong, I'm all for good defensive ends.

            But as far as I'm concnered, you can never have too many good linebackers, and right now, the closest thing we have to a good one is Rivers.

            People can talk 3-4 v 4-3 all they want, but back in the 1980s, the Giants always had solid defensive linemen to complement their stellar linebackers.
            Which is why giving these guys more reps isn't going to change the defense much. I'm all for getting them into the rotation, but we've been pretty good stopping the run. It's getting pressure on the qb that been the problem and every team knows we're weak at linebackers that can cover so we're vulnerable to the underneath stuff. Our defense isn't going to significantly improve until we have balance throughout.

            That and the offense giving them a chance to rest.


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              It will be good to see the new guys get a chance but why are so many acting like they handled them wrong? The defense is actually playing pretty good so far this season. The DT's have been good and as far as Moore goes his injury in the first pre season game set him back. Doubt they would be better than 0-4 if these guys where playing. Unless they played offense that is.