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My NY Giants MVP list

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  • My NY Giants MVP list

    This is my list of players that were the most valuable to us this past season...make your own adjustments:

    Eli...Had a great season! His fumble recovery last night and his aggressiveness to get it showed me something right there, if nothing else! I have been down on Eli for much of his career, I will be happy to re-assess that as his career continues.

    Cruz...This kid seems like one of those "diamond in the rough" players and we finally lucked out and got one...not to jump to far ahead, but he shows great skills and plays like he has been there for years. Total pro bowl snub!

    JPP...Talk about a beast!!! And we still have Osi, Tuck and Kiwi...we may have some tradebait here (we need a stud LB that can play run AND pass very well) ...but not JPP!!! Can't say enough here!

    Whetherford...believe it or not, he has been very key to our success as well...I never thought we'd have a punter as good as Feagles, Steve comes in a close second and I am so glad Dodge went off to the wayside...last night was not his best game however, but Feagles had a few bad games too.

    My Honorable Mentions:
    Webster...has been our best CB in over a decade but has been beat a few times by much less experienced receivers which could be a result of Fewells foolish defensive scheme.

    Boley & Umeniora...Though they get dinged quite a bit they are very impactful for their respective positions and make game changing plays often...they have some weaknesses but make up for it with intensity and are great veteran players that our younger players need to feed off.

    Hakeem Nicks...An elite and physical to watch him after the catch! Great downfield blocker and makes our 1 & 2 WR combo a dynamite twosome! Improving each year. Would like to see him protect the ball more...that scares me a bit!

    Kiwi...very competetive and very disciplined but needs to be allowed to specialize instead of flipflip from DE to LB...he has been handicapped by the coaching staff! One of my favorite players on defense! Great attitude!

    Tuck...You know this guy has massive talent, especially against the run, but his year has been hampered by injury, self doubt and fan doubt...Tuck may have developed a lack of mental toughness which is worrisome unless he recognizes it and gets a grip on it...The sack/fumble on Romo was very nice to see out of him last night!!!

    Jake Ballard...Great young TE for us and a godsend this year. Just needs more experience under his belt. Big dude and good blocker. Hope to see more progress from this guy!

    Could Do better:
    KP...Gets dinged alot! Great hitting ability and decent in the open field but sometimes loses his discipline/focus.

    Rolle...Had a tough year, being shifted around butregardless, seemed to lose his composure at times and whiff on plays because of it. Definately capable of Pro Bowl play! Ran off at the mouth a bit too much...use your mouth to fire up the defense, not the media Antrel .

    Manningham...WTF dude? So do need to work on mental toughness and not take everything personally!

    Oline...scares me! No run game what-so-ever. Baas has his value but not what he is getting paid...Boothe is underpaid. Petrus needs to get more time in real games. I like his upside! Snee seems less dominant and McKensie has likely seen his last year as a Giant.

    I'll leave it at that and let you guys come up with a list of who sucks!

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