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Fewell this is your time to shine...

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  • Fewell this is your time to shine...

    We all know what spags did in his first season as coordinator in the playoffs. Fewell didn't get show his skill in the playoffs last season because of the collapse. Here is his chance to prove the doubters wrong, should be no excuses for him, spags didn't play weak teams in the playoff run and fewell isn't either. Now let's just see if we can put fewell in the same sentence as spags.

    I have confidence in fewell to get the job done. But if the job doesn't get done fire him and hire spags back plain and simple.

    Can't believe we're back in the playoffs feels great after watching 2 bad years of giants football. I will not compare this team too 07 but what I will say is if we can play the same way we have played last two weeks, and of course make some changes to get better, we will be a dangerous team in the playoffs. It all starts Sunday at 1 against the falcons, let's get it done giants

    Keep eye on the prize!