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Props to the defense....

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  • Props to the defense....

    The defense has shown vast improvement the past two weeks. It seems as if they are getting hot at just the right time.... Everybody played well last night.... Osi, JPP, Tuck, Rolle, Boley, Kiwi, .... you get the point.

    And our offense... if we can continue to run block a little better... we can light anyone up.

    Good all around game ......

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    Re: Props to the defense....

    ya man you have to admire the defense for staying focused and puttung up a great game... lets be honset holding the girls to 14 in that game was great


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      Re: Props to the defense....

      Anyone who knows the Giants defense knows that we win and lose by the play ofour defensive line.

      When we can get pressure from the front four, it takes alot of pressure off the secondary.

      I expect the Falcons to try to neutralize the pass rush with quick slants, and max protection.

      Giants fan since the early 80s


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        Re: Props to the defense....

        The Defense has defintiely been playing better.

        JPP has been a stud throughout the year, but I think Tuck getting healthier and now Osi returning has helped. Kiwi and Boley have also played well.

        Our secondary still scares me though. Too many receivers running around open back there.