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"Setbacks" to Osi and Tuck?

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  • "Setbacks" to Osi and Tuck?

    What kind of setbacks and how severe?

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    Re: "Setbacks" to Osi and Tuck?

    Haven't heard a thing.
    Blue Screen or Garafolo haven't tweeted anything on the subject.

    What did you hear?
    They said Brady and the Patriots couldn't be beat, Eli did it twice, how's that for Elite?


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      Re: "Setbacks" to Osi and Tuck?

      Tuck said on wfan
      that Osi felt his ankle a bit, but he wasn't coming out of the game. I am not
      too concerned, as on Monday TC said Osi was OK.

      As for Tuck, that
      left arm,shoulder is definitely not right, but his play wasn't affected.
      Hopefully he can push through it for 4 more games.


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        Re: "Setbacks" to Osi and Tuck?

        Tuck seems to really be rejuvenated for whatever reason. I hope that shoulder injury doesn't nag him during the playoffs. Seems like he's been injuring that shoulder every year since college.