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Is Eli Manning Seeing Ghosts In The Pocket?

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    Poor Eli
    Long Live the King


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      You do get the sense that Eli's fed up with the same **** happening over and over

      Eli to Tracy Porter:

      "ugh, not again..."


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        Originally posted by Flip Empty View Post
        David Carr syndrome. Hopefully he can shake it
        Perfect example of a QB ruined.

        Carr starts flinching from pressure on Saturdays.


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          Originally posted by thomasg2488 View Post
          Yeah, I already saw this happening. I'm more interested in this quote

          When Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride was asked Thursday if he sees Manning acting haunted by the rush, Gilbride said, "Uh -- no. No I haven't. I mean, when the pressure gets to him, when they are around him, it obviously affects him, because it affects everybody.

          "But is he reacting unnecessarily or imagining things? I don't think emotionally or mentally it's affecting him at all. I just know he was disappointed because he felt, just like we all did, that there were opportunities we left out there Sunday out on the field."

          My God, is his stupidity never ending? Yeah, you know he's disappointed buddy, but maybe you call some better plays that get the ball out faster so he doesn't get killed.
          Yeah, he finally is (or was until Coughlin called for more long passes), only took 6 games of Eli getting murdered. It's obvious they have never practiced that part of the game to have something to fall back on. Many seasons there was a game here and there that we could have used the change of pace, but this year the switch was mandatory and the team was not prepared.

          Players can not execute plays they were not made to practice and since this part of the game had barely been used in the past, it should have been honed in on heavily since the O-line has been nowhere top notch for a while.


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            i dont think its that bad. he just sort of always took risks throwing it. some years it just leads to more ints. some he gets luckier and our Rec gets it or he gets a PI.

            lol @ geebanga


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              Originally posted by TheAnalyst View Post
              now thats funny....
              "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
              You couldn't be more full of **** if you were break dancing in a Port-a-Potty.......Kruunch