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Zero tolerance policy-Please read!

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  • Zero tolerance policy-Please read!

    In case some of you haven't noticed, we have been coming down quite hard on folks who feel they shouldn't have to stay within the boundaries when they are here. It has gotten out of hand lately with a lot of posters thinking this is some kind of playground to strut around in and say whatever they want to say.

    Let this serve as a reminder that anyone who uses profanity or takes personal attacks entirely too far will receive a lifetime ban of their account and IP address. Any subsequent accounts created will also be banned. Once you gain this status, it will not be reversed, regardless of past behavior or length of time on the boards.

    In order to ensure that you won't fall victim to this sort of thing, it is suggested that you keep your posts as clean as possible and keep personal attacks out of the conversation. Think before you post. The "Rival" board is for smack, but it is still covered by this policy, as are all the other forums.

    Thank you