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Cruz: "We Need Hakeem Nicks To Be His Normal Self In Order For Us To Win Games"

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    All this stuff about focus is pure speculation. The guy is hurt and he tends to get hurt almost every year.

    I just think some team will offer him money like he's never had an injury prone career and we won't match it because we know the reality of his injury history.

    I want him back. When he's healthy he's a top 10 WR, but at this point in his career it's almost a guarantee that he will miss 2-4 games every year. Last season's performance showed us that playing through some injuries just is not the answer either.
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    Because of all of the effort and examination being poured into these predictions, the draft is a robust market that, in the aggregate, does a good job of sorting prospects from top to bottom.1 Yet despite so many people trying to “beat the market,” no single actor can do it consistently. Abnormal returns are likely due to luck, not skill. But that hasn’t stopped NFL executives from behaving with the confidence of traders.


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      More bull**** talk. blah blah blah.