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Bill Simmons on Giants-Falcons...

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  • Bill Simmons on Giants-Falcons...

    The Sports Guy weighs in:

    GIANTS (-3) over Falcons

    On Tuesday's B.S. Report,
    Aaron Schatz revealed that the Falcons were the most consistent team
    from week to week that Football Outsiders' DVOA rankings had ever
    measured. That made sense: After all, the 2011 Falcons beat up bad
    teams, played mediocre-to-solid teams close and lost to good teams. By
    contrast, the 2011 Giants zigged every time you thought they would zag
    and zagged every time you thought they would zig. Add everything up and
    the Giants need only to play well to win; their best is better than
    Atlanta's best. Or so it would seem.

    Well I'm not even sure the Giants need to play that well. The
    Falcons were predictable mainly because their environment was
    predictable: They played a whopping 12 games indoors (eight home games
    plus games in Indy, New Orleans, Detroit and Houston), and three of
    their four outdoor games happened in the first four weeks in warm
    weather in Chicago (loss), Tampa (loss) and Seattle (barely won), with a
    comeback December win in Carolina being the other. Sorry, I'm not
    impressed. They also played four playoff teams (New Orleans twice, Green
    Bay, Houston and Detroit) and finished 1-4, failing to crack 17 points
    in three of the games. Picking them outdoors against a Giants team that
    can do two things really well (throw the ball and rush the passer) and
    has the best three players on the field (Eli Manning, Jason Pierre-Paul
    and the electric Victor Cruz) seems like a stretch, especially when
    they're getting only a field goal.

    There's also something happening with the Giants, which is a
    different story altogether: My buddy Hirschy (a lifelong Giants fan)
    attended Sunday's Dallas game and came away raving about a Giants crowd
    that everyone had secretly feared (because of the design of the new
    stadium, the PSL's and the departure of many "old-school" fans) was gone
    forever. "I'm telling you," Hirschy said, "when Cruz was breaking away
    on that long touchdown, the roar was like the old roar from the old
    place. We still have it." And they'll have it again this week.

    The pick: Giants 31, Falcons 20.

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    Re: Bill Simmons on Giants-Falcons...

    There IS something happening with the Giants and I get the same feeling as this article. I don't know much about the Falcs, but they are consistent but nothing about them seems to really stand out to me.