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Gary Kubiak would make sense as an OC for us next year

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  • Gary Kubiak would make sense as an OC for us next year

    He most likely is done at Houston. He is an offensive coach who was OC for guys like Elway when he was playing some of his best ball. He's been a QB coach and OC and had tremendous success at those positions.

    He philosophically features a strong run game that utilizes PA passes. while he likes to have a QB who can roll out, and Eli isnt the most mobile guy, i think he could handle that aspect of Kubiaks offense. and his offense would be a change of pace compared to KGs in that Kubiak tries to design the plays to create the seperation, whereas KG is relying on the receivers post snap to get the separation by breaking down what the D is doing. I guess itd be better summed up Kubiak will try to design plays that dictate to the D what they can do whereas KG "designs" plays that react off what the D is doing.

    I dunno, I'd be pretty optimistic where we able to get Kubiak as the OC and I think he would take the job too.