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all time worst giants non-star team

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  • all time worst giants non-star team

    After reading the worst era thread I thought this might be fun

    Make a team of the worst giants you have actually seen play. You dont have to go in to each position if you dont want to. You can just go by corps. Stick to guys who played significantly not bench warmers who barely saw the feild

    Ive been watching since 2000

    QB- Kerry "make it a double" Collins

    RB- Ron " pass the cupcakes" Dayne

    WR- Ramses "should be playing basketball instead" Barden

    OL- Luke " move AFTER the ball is snapped?" Petitgout

    DL-William " no motor" Joseph

    LB- Kevin "softer than cotton candy" lewis

    DB- stumped on this one at the moment

    K-matt " take it to the house Deshaun" dodge
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    Don't really have one for each position, but here's what stands out in my mind:

    QB: Danny Kanell
    RB: Tyrone Wheatley
    WR: Sinorice Moss
    P: Matt Dodge

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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      s.s. Can't Cover Brown


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        C.C. Brown
        Aaron Rouse
        The Gigalo with the most below


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          clint sintim
          cc brown
          sinorce moss
          trey junkin
          William joseph
          frank ferrari

          2015 season tbd


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            I'll add Elvis Patterson/ the receiver from Indiana Lewis/ Ron Rayne. That's all for now.


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              Originally posted by Martyr View Post
              C.C. Brown
              Aaron Rouse
              Thank you. Rouse is my worst DB pick. He was so bad I forgot he even existed


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                QB - Dave Brown, or Kent Graham, or Danny Kanell

                RB - Ron Dayne, or Da'rel Scott

                WR - Sinorice Moss

                DB - 2012 Corey Webster

                LB - every Giants LB after Antonio and before Beason

                P - Matt Dodge


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                  CB-Elvis Patterson


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                    All of you must be to young to remember the greatest number 1 draft pick the Giants ever made (In my opinion of course).

                    Rocky Thompson


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                      Originally posted by DSP View Post

                      K-Lawrence " take it to the house Deshaun" Tynes
                      *face palm*


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                        Originally posted by Martyr View Post
                        C.C. Brown
                        Aaron Rouse
                        this was my vote for all time worse saftey tandem lol


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                          Thinking about this, we've had some laughable QB's. Kannell, Palmer, Garrett, Collins, Brown.


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                            QB-Dave Brown
                            RB-Ron Dayne. Wheatley didn't get his chance under Reeves, who wanted Rashaan Salaam in the draft instead. He was in Reeve's doghouse before he even boarded the bus to the stadium. Bunch was actually pretty good in his second and third year. His first year he wasn't playing over Carthon.
                            TE-Derek Brown. Was supposed to be our replacement for Bavaro. Howard Cross, slower, was much much better.
                            WR-Moss...took up a spot for far too long. Honorable mentions who got a little bit of playing time: Ron Dixon, Thomas Lewis, Mike Sherrard(always hurt).
                            LB-Marcus Buckley. Just one among many. This is the guy who LT said was most like him when asked at the time.
                            DL-Cedric Jones and William Joseph...very close to being equal. I think it was after the draft when they discovered Jones was blind, or nearly blind in one eye.
                            Safety-Definitely CC Brown

                            As to Luke Petitgout being bad....he was a pretty decent lineman. Mike Rosenthal was better in the beginning but Petitgout ended up the better of the two.


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                              Originally posted by DSP View Post
                              K-Lawrence " take it to the house Deshaun" Tynes
                              Say what? He was one of our better kickers throughout the life of the Giants.

                              Are you thinking Matt Dodge instead? I know Desean returned a punt on him.