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Giants: John Mara Says Losing Justin Tuck Was Difficult For Him Personally

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    Originally posted by Roswell777 View Post
    They didn't need a new building this time. In the 70s, they did. But you are correct when you write that Wellington was not portrayed favorably.

    That being said, when the Giants decided to charge for the right to buy tickets, only one other team, Dallas, was charging their loyal fans. Let's just call it what it was, a calculated money grab at a time when the economy was brutal.

    The old building was 30 years old. Whether they replaced it when they did or a few years later, there is no way the taxpayers of NJ would have paid for the new building as they did the old building. The NFL puts an aggressive date certain on new stadiums being built and when they have to be paid for.

    It's just a sign of the times. While NJSEA is the titular owner, the Giants and Jets secured private funding for construction.
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