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Giants' Estimated Average Age By Position

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  • Giants' Estimated Average Age By Position

    Excerpt: "The other day the average age of the Giants was discussed. After factoring in their free agent moves and projected addition of rookies, it was determined that the Giants were still not going to be one of the league's older teams this season.

    Here's the breakdown by position. Of course, this is clearly a projection. There is no way to know who exactly will make the final cut, what rookie they will draft or sign as free agents, and who will or will not suffer an injury prior to the start of the season.

    A ton of factors will figure into the equation before a final 53-man roster is complete. But this should provide a general idea at which positions the Giants will need to get younger at moving into the future.

    (Note: Ages are not current. They are ages by the start of the season in September.)

    Eli Manning (33)
    Ryan Nassib (24)
    Curtis Painter (29)
    Average Age: 28.6

    Running Back:
    Rashad Jennings (29)
    Peyton Hillis (28)
    Michael Cox (25)
    David Wilson (23)
    Henry Hynoski (25)
    Average Age: 26.0

    Wide Receivers:
    Victor Cruz (27)
    Rueben Randle (23)
    Jerrel Jernigan (25)
    Mario Manningham (28)
    TBD – Rookie (22)
    Average Age: 25"
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    RB is older than I'd thought. I'd assumed Cox was around 22.


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      Originally posted by Flip Empty View Post
      RB is older than I'd thought. I'd assumed Cox was around 22.
      Dam that's an old Cox!!


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        Well damn, looks pretty good


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          Before I read, I am going to guess 28.


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            we got younger which is great.


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              Well, I was thinking the average age of the team but that average is 26. I believe that is why some of the veterans were allowed to look for employment elsewhere.


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                How old is Evans?


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                  Dang, our quarterback is old :P


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                    I never realized that RB from the raiders was that old.... Both our RB and WR corps are scary weak. They better hope JJ pulls a cruz this year.
                    Just remember Kevin Love makes more money then OBJ, and OBJ also dunks better.