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    All from a guy named Looney OOPS Luni….


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      IMO, Ayers is the favorite today, to be the starter opposite JPP. But, preseason could change that.


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        huh, none of our fa pick ups were head scratchers. all needs and all within a reasonable price tag (for todays nfl)


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          Originally posted by luni View Post
          I feel down, believe me lol.
          I just think solidifying the line with youth is the answer. Give me a lineman and ill give you more positivity. I just think someone should be there with Pugh who can build this line for the future.

          Mike Evans is not the answer for US.... in the first round is all I'm saying.
          Ebron would be an awesome pick, if we had a youthful sturdy line..

          I just think what Reese is doing for FA's we signed is a quick fix tweak.
          May I respectfully say that you are looking at this all wrong?
          Our personnel was so bad last year (including our bench) that we needed a complete overhaul. Not every change is going to be earth shaking but when you add 13 new players through FA and 10 of them are better than the guys they replaced, you are moving in the right direction. Sure the OL sitll needs help but we were so bad there that the fix will take 2 years. It will all be good.
          No one remembers who came in second.


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            I don't think it's a matter of "who replaces who". We've touched every position (with the exception of a few) through free agency and this will allow us to take the best player available at the time. We can take an "Evans" or a "Donald" with our first pick without the pressure of needing them to save our team. They can contribute right away or learn along the way. We can take an OL and let them learn along the way. Would I like them to start and excel right away? Sure, but now its not needed as much.


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              Originally posted by luni View Post
              Some of these signings have been head scratchers in my opinion.

              I mean its great we have a depth guy replacement for tuck such as Ayers, but a high career sack of only 5.... while he is 28... is kinda pathetic... It is great that he is a run stopper but would be nice if he could do or be more than that.

              I don't think signing Schwartz who has been out of the league for a year injured is smart... especially signing to the money that he is receiving. (i hope he proves me wrong..) I am happy with the KC lineman we picked up.

              I still think it would be wise to draft a Lineman in the first round... You have Chris Snee, and other lineman who are aging and having these FA's who are almost 30 doesn't help the situation down the line.

              I don't think there are quality DE's or DT, or IL as a first round draft pick. Anthony Barr and Aaron Donald would piss me off if we select either of these guys in the first round. Aaron Donald is undersized DT. we already have an undersized DT in the Greenbay guy we picked up last year.

              I also think Mike Evans is a poor mans Plaxico Burress... he is a good red zone threat, but the Giants cant score in the redzone so what's the point?

              TE Eric Ebron would be nice, however i still think a lineman is ideal... i just dont think having middle aged Lineman are the way to go for our future. We can pick up a TE in the second round if need be.

              We do need a DT, which would be nice in the 3rd of 4th round.

              Hoping for good draft picks this year and a better nfl season.
              I was just going to pass on this thread, but the highlight begs a question. IF we cant score in the red zone we shouldn't do anything to sign a player who, according to you, IS a red zone threat?
              “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1


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                Originally posted by Rudyy View Post
                "We can't score in the red zone so what's the point."

                1. We couldn't score with Gilbride, we have a new OC, with new ideas.
                2. If there is a red zone threat....wouldn't that help us score in the red zone? Lol.
                You are fighting nonsense with logic, that will never work.


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                  a lot of what I wrote was in frustration to understand what is going on in FA while I thought building through the draft with our # 1 pick... i just hope it is OL.


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                    Originally posted by slipknottin View Post
                    Giants were ranked roughly 10th in the league in converting redzone posessions into TDs under gilbride.

                    I'm not sure where this they can't convert thing comes from.
                    Did you watch last season?
                    We were 30th.

                    I think that's where it comes from.
                    It's not Eli's fault....It's the chemtrails!!!!


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                      Originally posted by Morehead State View Post
                      Did you watch last season?
                      We were 30th.

                      I think that's where it comes from.
                      Right. But last year they were 30th in redzone posessions too. Lol

                      Shows the offense as a whole was crap.


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                        And besides, Killdrive is gone.

                        I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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                          Originally posted by Toadofsteel View Post
                          And besides, Killdrive is gone.
                          Lmao@ that sig

                          They should start printing vote for Sanchez shirts
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                            [QUOTE=2. If there is a red zone threat....wouldn't that help us score in the red zone? Lol.[/QUOTE]

                            yea that had me like " what" also lol


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                              Originally posted by RoanokeFan View Post
                              I was just going to pass on this thread, but the highlight begs a question. IF we cant score in the red zone we shouldn't do anything to sign a player who, according to you, IS a red zone threat?
                              That pretty much sums it up.
                              Ladies and gentlemen, here we have our GM being played by Yogi Berra.
                              No one remembers who came in second.


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                                Originally posted by TrueBlue@NYC View Post
                                1. Ayers is not a direct replacement for Tuck, it's the hope that Moore will become a solid starter with Kiwi as the primary back-up. He's a god depth move.

                                2. Schwartz played all last year, it's why he got the money. It's Walton that was hurt and he got a smaller deal. I expect that they'll get another C in the draft to battle with Walton for the starting spot.

                                3. All the OL they added are currently in their "prime age", we'll get their best years which allows us to add youth over time instead of all at once. If they follow my thought in #2, with the center an Pugh they'd already have two very young starting OLmen, along with Beatty and Schwartz (two OL in their prime) with only one potential aged vet in Snee. That's called good balance.

                                4. Seeing how Jenkins is 32 and Patterson is 30, drafting a DT at some point would be a smart move. And getting a 3T guy to pair with Hankins, Who'se more of a 1Tech would fit.

                                5. I think the Giants are set at WR, maybe they draft one in the middle rounds, but they feel strongly about seeing what Randle and Jernigan are about this year.

                                Basically, I disagree with 90% of what you said. lol.
                                I totally agree, except with Snee, I don't think he'll make it on those bad hips at his age. I think you left off TE, however, I do think L. Donnell will surprise in his third yr, so I'll be ok with a vet or a 3rd or 4th round pick added if the coaches feel the need.

                                If you dig up the dirt in Oakland, you will find Giant bones "Baby"- I Likes That!!! from: The Analyst haha
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