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    Originally posted by luni View Post
    I also think Mike Evans is a poor mans Plaxico Burress... he is a good red zone threat, but the Giants cant score in the redzone so what's the point?
    The point is to get a red zone threat so that we can score in the red zone.


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      The Giants are able to do what they've done in FA because they had 27 FA and two retirements of their own. The money was there and there were open roster slots to be filled. The fact that Reese let so many of our FA go is a pretty good sign that the talent level was lacking, and he's done a nice job a bringing in better talent that we had.

      Ayers is a nice fit because he has a reputation as a good run stopper. That's what we needed opposite JPP. Ayers can also put a little bit of heat on the QB, and can be subbed out for a guy like Moore or Kiwi on a passing down.

      A lot of these guys will be starters, or competing for starting jobs. Jerry and Brown on the OL will both have a chance to find a slot. Brown as a potential replacement for Beatty if he falters, and Jerry as an insurance policy in case Snee can't go. They were great depth picks, and both have been starters in the league.

      Thurmond and Demps are two great depth signings who also have a role in special packages, or special teams.

      I like Jennings the primary RB, it was another good pick.

      I don't think anyone can reasonably say that our talent level hasn't increased a lot before the draft. Given a solid draft, this should be a much more complete team in 2014.


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        Originally posted by sodbuster View Post
        JPP AND KIWI will be the starting DE'S
        Disagree, Ayers is a better player than Kiwi.. But, Ayers, Kiwi, and Moore will all have a shot to win the starting job come pre-season.


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          Originally posted by nhpgiantsfan View Post
          Disagree, Ayers is a better player than Kiwi.. But, Ayers, Kiwi, and Moore will all have a shot to win the starting job come pre-season.
          I agree because Ayers is a run stopper. Kiwi and Moore haven't shown that ability.


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            hahaha thats all i have to say about the OP


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              Originally posted by Toadofsteel View Post
              #1: I feel that Ayers will be replacing Tuck, in that Tuck was one of the best run defenders in the league from the DE position last year (JPP as well). With the new secondary we have, having freakishly athletic pass rushers is less of a concern than just getting guys that can contain the QB in the pocket and prevent rollouts, and from there get a coverage sack. Being able to shut down the run and maintain gap responsibility are more important now.

              #2: I agree, Schwartz is a HUGE upgrade from Boothe. Still wish Boothe could have been resigned as a backup, but alas...

              #3: OL has definitely been upgraded, and I could see the likes of Swanson in the 3rd.

              #4: I actually agree with the OP on this one. Donald would basically just be another Jenkins. That's good if you want to replace Jenkins (he is getting up there in age), but we could find a project later in the draft to develop and save the first rounder for a more need position like TE or WR. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind the Donald pick, but would be a little peeved if we left Ebron or Evans on the board because of it.

              #5: Evans would more closely resemble a Nicks replacement, and in the past week or so he has become my top choice if I had to choose at 12, though on the other hand he'll likely be gone.

              #6: You DO know that TE is the thinnest position on the roster, right? We can field a complete defense with just the players we have now, not so for offense, who need a true wideout opposite from Randle and a tight end. A guy like Donald is value, a guy like Ebron or Evans is value + need.
              I agree with pretty much everything you said above, especially about Donald. The defense, as it is now, could play today and play very well. The offense, however, would struggle to be much better than last year IMO.