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Giant Changes For Big Blue, But Are They Better Off?

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    Originally posted by Harooni View Post
    we are better off with those moves also.
    I agree. Nicks has been injured the last two years and he is a shadow of his former self. As for Tuck, yeah he balled out in 2013 but does anyone remember a few years before? Tuck's injuries and depression made him expedable.

    Don't get me wrong though, I really appreciate what these players have given to this team during the Superbowl runs but it was time to part ways.


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      Originally posted by Mookskingdom View Post
      I won't argue that Tuck is as good as he used to be (obv) but who cares? He's still easily one of the best 4-3 DEs in the league, theres getting to be less and less good ones, and he wanted 2yrs 8mil LOL my god.. I think that's more than reasonable, Nicks however is a much more difficult case to argue, but he may have been worth taking one more chance on eespecially at the price he signed at, unless we get Evans which has been the preferable move to me all along, if not than we are continuing to do what we've always done with Eli, make his job harder, and sometimes (last year) straight up impossible, idc what anyone says Joe Montana couldn't do **** with our offensive personel (and playcalling) last year
      Tuck was a great Giant but he is no longer "easily one of the best 4-3 DEs in the league." Not even close. Maybe when he plays the Redskins...


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        The paragraph beginning with "the need for Schwartz" is very alarming. Didn't realize how poor our draft picks have been.
        NFL Draft (Realistic Hope):

        Rd 1
        Garrett Bolles - OT
        David Njoku - TE
        Zach Cunningham - OLB