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After watching GB-NYG '07 ...

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  • After watching GB-NYG '07 ...

    First of all, the Giants dominated that entire game. I don't remember them dominating it that badly, but my god. Crucial mistakes by McQuarters and others allowed the Pack to hang around, but they utterly dominated the Packers from start to finish.

    Second, Osi was an absolute force. Holy crap, he must've rocked Favre atleast five times, and Tuck was flying around. Absolutely ridiculous to see these two in that form again.

    Third, I believe this '11 team is more talented. The D-line is tough to compare, as Strahan was "that veteran" by this point, with Tuck and Osi being relatively young and healthy. We also had big ol' Freddy Robbins still and Cofield, but I believe this D is simply more talented all-around. The difference between '07 and '11 from what I can tell is that D FLEW around. As soon as the ball was out, they all flew to it like seeker missiles. You cannot tell me Michael Johnson, Gibril Wilson, and James Butler were more talented than KP and Antrel Rolle are today. Webster is playing at the same level, and Ross seems to be coming along at the right time. Kiwi plugs the hole just as well, if not better, than Kawika Mitchell ever did, and it seems like Chase has taken on the Pierce role as the non-athletic signal caller. And let's not forget Boley, who is simply playing high-caliber football. This D, to me, is simply more talented than it was in '11. That '07 team played as a unit however, and it remains to be seen if these guys can do that.

    Offensively, I don't know if we have someone who could just take over a game like Plax did against Harris. It was just utterly ridiculous watching him, but Nicks, Cruz, and Manningham are simply a dynamic trio who can beat you anywhere and everywhere. Bradshaw does not look like he did in '07, but Jacobs looks BETTER than he did in '07. We don't have the O-line we once had (was nice seeing the fab 5 together), but Eli is playing at a much higher level and is much more in control of this offense, and that's the clincher to me.

    This team CAN win. They can win it all, but it starts with the front 4. Hopefully our interior linemen can match the play we all know JPP, Tuck, and Osi are capable of.

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    Re: After watching GB-NYG '07 ...

    The big point they were making on WFAN this morning is that the big diff between this GB team and the '07 team is that the '07 team had an AGING Brett Favre. Funny, no one mentioned how AGED he was back in '07. He was still the cats meow being orally loved by every talking head in the sports media (with Romo and Brady being close behind)

    NOW all of a sudden we can't make any comparison because a young Rodgers can't be compared to an AGING Brett Favre. Well...lets compare:

    Brett in 2007:
    Completed 356 passes for 4,155 yards - 66.5% completion, 28 TD, 15 INTS

    Aaron in 2011: Completed 342 passes for 4,643 yards, 68.3 completion, 45 TD and 6 INT

    Now...other than the TDs and INT diff - the % completion, total passes completed and total yards ain't that far apart. For a guy back in 2007 who was about 15 years older than the current GB QB, he didn't seem that decrepit when we went up against him. Pus he took every hit and started every game.

    The key is pressure, pressure and more pressure. Just like we did to the unstoppable Brady in the Superbowl because, you know, everyone had them crowned before the playoffs even started that year. Rodgers and Co. is not facing the same team from Wk 13. They want to win, we're gonna make them earn it