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28 - 10: Average score last 3 games

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  • 28 - 10: Average score last 3 games

    Over our last 3 games we beat the Jets, Cowboys, and Falcons by a combined score of 84 - 30, or an average of 28 - 10 each game.

    Our O came out slow against both the Jets and Falcs, not having scored until the 2nd quarter in each game. They both had solid Ds.

    We scored 21 unanswered points in the 1st and 2nd quarters against Dallas before they finally scored and they're D was horrible both games they played us. I don't know what their D stats were for the year, but I thought they stunk to begin with. Their O, however, is legit and we were still able to stifle them defensively in the one-and-done finale.

    GB is certainly on an unearthly level compared to those teams, but we've been playing so much better recently. I was interested in what the numbers looked like since we started coming together during the Jets game. Our offense wound up dominating two teams with good / very good D's, and our D dominated one team with a very good O. They were different teams, too, that we beat -- one heavy on D (Jets), one heavy on O (Dallas), and one a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none (Falcs).

    I don't know exactly what this means, but I think that it shows that we've become a lot more balanced (stating the obvious). These weren't great teams that we beat, but we beat all 3 of them convincingly in what were all essentially playoff games.

    I think we've got a real chance to beat GB and win it all. I really do. I know it might seem a stretch juxtaposing those 3 teams against the elite that we'll be facing the rest of the way, but I think we are really, and finally, A COMPLETE TEAM. I've never been a homer, but I sincerely believe that we are more complete than any other team left in the playoffs and are as scary as any of them to play.

    (Plus, special teams has been pretty darn good).

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    Re: 28 - 10: Average score last 3 games

    Great post
    I will add that we absolutely must come out fast against the packers this weekend. If we wait until the middle of the second quarter to put points on the board it will be a long game.


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      Re: 28 - 10: Average score last 3 games

      Thanks. Yeah, I would tend to think so as well but you can sorta, kinda, maybe look at Dallas as a poor-man's GB -- good offense, poor D (GB is of course GREAT on offense). Dallas can score and we held them scoreless in the 1st half while racking up 21 unanswered points to start the game. If GB isREALLY as bad against the pass as advertised, we should be able toput up pointswhileour D keepstheir O looking at leastsemi-human. And what if we CAN establish the run? Wow. I don't expect to be able to do all things against the GBdefense -- they're #'s may have not been good this year, but they still have plenty of good players with a lot of pride and they are the champs.

      GB are the 15-1 defending champs playing on their own field, so I don't expect them to be the incompetents that Dallas has always been, but I really think that we've got what it takes to beat GB, SF, and yes, NO to get to the SB and win. If the Giants can continue to play up to their ability like they have and not underperforming like over the past 2 years, then I really think they have the balance to do this.


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        Re: 28 - 10: Average score last 3 games

        One more thing about those last 3 games -- we finally not only put a winning stretch together at the same time, but did itagainst teams in one-and-done games for each team involved. AND DOMINATING THEM, TO BOOT. This is what we the fans, the players,the coaches, and the FO expect when we look at the talent and names on this team.

        No more 'skins and 'hawks game results -- we're finally playing up to our potential, and our potential is scary good.