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Why is there no confidence in Rueben Randle?

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  • Originally posted by Geebanga718 View Post
    Rueben may excel in a new system. That read react made players over think their routes
    We shall see how he progresses in his third year.
    If it's the same mental errors/can't get separation issues..then...yeah.

    But HOPEFULLY our offense doesn't demand that he go deep on every play.
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    • Originally posted by Mookskingdom View Post
      Not to turn this into an Eli thread but one of the most inaccurate in the league?? Are you kidding me? When he's on and actually has a team around him he's one of the more accurate qbs I've ever seen. Remember the back shoulder throws we used to work like it was our day job? That throw requires an incredible amount of accuracy and he was cash on that play routinely for a long time till defenses stopped respecting our deep ball cause our receivers can't catch it (idk why we always dialed up randle/nicks) Eli is still cash most of the time on the deep throw, the dimes he drops down there regularly are nothing short of amazing.

      And we have a speedy deep threat with Cruz (mcadoo will use him right) what we lacked last year was a guy to go up and get the ball in traffic, randle and nicks had plenty of opps on deep balls last year and they dropped what seemed like every. single. one. of them
      towards the end of the season, many respectable analysts started to remark more and more about how our WR's were not making standard plays that avg WR's even make. The notion was backed up with evidence as well, although I can't recall it off the top of my head. But basically, as you pointed out, Nicks was simply not making the plays expected of a NFL WR. And I can recount off the top of my head seemingly every game where there were examples of the WR getting his hands on a downfield pass, both hands, and not coming down with it. Nicks was especially frustrating in this regard but Randle, who I have and continue to back, also had his share of plays like this....


      • Originally posted by Dattdoode View Post
        You sound like a Eli hater or someone who things that he is finshed!!!!
        I do not hate Eli. I just beleive he needs better coaching. I hope under McAdoo who believes in a system designed to work to players strengths rather than vice versa they can correct his problems. My point was don't put all the blame on the receivers.