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HBO and the NFL have narrowed down the HARD KNOCKS teams to Bears, Giants, Steelers

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  • Turns out their contracts even specify Hard Knocks:


    (a) Player hereby grants to Club and the League, separately and together, the
    right and authority to use, and to authorize others to use solely as described below, his
    name, nickname, initials, likeness, image, picture, photograph, animation, persona, auto-
    graph/signature (including facsimiles thereof), voice, biographical information and/or
    any and all other identifying characteristics (collectively, “Publicity Rights”), for any and
    all uses or purposes that publicize and promote NFL Football, the League or any of its
    257 member clubs in any way in any and all media or formats, whether analog, digital or
    other, now known or hereafter developed, including, but not limited to, print, tape, disc,
    computer file, radio, television, motion pictures, other audio-visual and audio works,
    Internet, broadband platforms, mobile platforms, applications, and other distribution
    platforms. Without limiting the foregoing, this grant includes the right to use Player’s
    Publicity Rights for the purpose of publicizing and promoting the following aspects of
    NFL Football, the League and/or any of its member clubs: brands, games, ticket sales,
    game broadcasts and telecasts, programming focused on the NFL, one or more NFL
    clubs and/or their games and events (e.g., coaches shows, highlight based shows such as
    Inside the NFL, behind-the-scenes programming such as Hard Knocks), other NFL-related
    media offerings (e.g., branded content segments featuring NFL game footage and other
    programming enhancements), media distribution platforms (e.g.,, NFL Mo-
    bile, NFL Network), official events (e.g., NFL Kickoff, NFL Draft), officially sanctioned
    awards programs (e.g., Rookie of the Year), and public service or community oriented
    initiatives (e.g., Play60). For purposes of clarity, the ...


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      Turns out their contracts even specify Hard Knocks:
      So there we have it.
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