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  • Eli # 4 quarterback

    I have finally been able to login after a while after the new change on the board so I thought I would post something. With all the talk of Eli being elite, I figure it would be hard to argue against Eli being the number 4 quarterback in the league behind Brady, Brees and Rodgers since peyton is not plating, rivers is slumping and who know about romo and Staffords just beginning to play after all his injuries. Is this the general consensus of most football fans and if not who else do the put ahead of eli and why?

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    Re: Eli # 4 quarterback

    Not saying Eli is better than Rodgers or Brady....

    But I think you have to at least take note of the incredible success Cassell had in NE when Brady was out, and Flynn has had in GB when Rodgers was out.....

    Flynn owns every GB single game QB record there is. If you take his two starts and average those stats out for a full season, they blow anything Rodgers and Favre ever did out of the water.

    Cassell put up HOF numbers and led NE to an 11-5 record as their starter.

    I think it would be very interesting to see what Cassell and Flynn would do in our system....

    Anyways, enough of the Eli ranking talk.... He is top 5 no doubt. We are in position to make a serious run at the big prize this year.

    Lets worry about that for now. Eli's ranking will be decided when he retires.