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Depth Chart Explanation

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  • Depth Chart Explanation

    Ladies and Gents,

    I've noticed on this board and others that people are, once again, looking at the depth chart as the 'official' depth chart during the offseason. THIS IS NOT THE CASE!

    As some of you who have been coming to for a few years now know, THERE IS NO OFFICIAL DEPTH CHART DURING THE OFFSEASON. The depth chart you see from the last game of the season until the start of training camp reflects the following:

      [*]All ACTIVE players as of the last regular season game. Players on IR are NOT displayed on the depth chart, therefore Michael Strahan would NOT be seen. [*]With regard to free agency, we remove Giants free agents once they sign with another team, so even though a player may not be under contract, he may still appear if he has not signed with another team. Obviously, there are players who become FAs, but are still being pursued by the Giants, so we don't just remove every FA since we know we're going to want to re-sign some/all of them. [*]Tiki Barber is retired, so he was removed from the player database. The depth chart, which is still pulling players' names from the last game of the season, will simply move players up once a player like Tiki, who is no longer in the database, is removed.[/list]

      I think I covered it all. If there are any loopholes, relply to this and I'll either admit to some mistake or flaw in the system or try to clarify further.

      Bottom line - PLEASE don't consider our depth chart during the offseason and DON'T jump to conclusions.