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Game planning for the Referees

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  • Game planning for the Referees

    Everyone talks about the 12th man. But guess what? Today we also beat the 13th man!!

    I have a game plan for the refs this Sunday.

    First and foremost we need to know where "white hat" is at all times. He will be there go to guy in key situations such as challenges. I say we keep corey webster on him the whole game with compliments. Corey needs to establish the relationship game with this guy and make sure they become good friends before the match starts.

    We need to use osi for milk and cookies. Osi will have to learn to bake, and fast. if he isnt able to establish a good desert to give the referee who is in charge of watching the line, we will be in for a long day.

    We must come up with a plan for ball spotting. Im not sure how and havent thought of an idea yet. But if we arent able to stop the bad ball spotting we will be in trouble. these NFL referees are very accurate with bad ball placement and can fit the ball into places our defenders cannot reach. Same goes for the offense.

    On a serious note.

    I'm not one to complain about calls on the field. I always feel when a bad call is made, you just have to go harder the next play. However its been 3 weeks in a row and 4 games where i have seen the refs personally try to tarnish our season.

    At first i thought it was consequence but now i am starting to truly believe they dont want us to win and its really bothersome.

    If this team wasnt playing with any heart and werent giving it all they had, i wouldnt be upset. But our team is working too hard out there for the refs to be screwing us over. Someone needs to seriously call them out because this is getting ridiculous. All i have is 4 words for that fumble by greg jennings.

    It.....wasnt.......even........ close.

    hats off to this team for still handing it to them. the fair way.

    Don't take it personal, we're just debating.

    ~Big Mike~

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    Re: Game planning for the Referees

    The Refs are all from Dallas therefore what we really need is for Coughlin to initiate an old man fight (which is an accepted spectacle by society) and for Coughin to then proceed to kick those southern *******s back below the NY hating Mason Dixon line.


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      Re: Game planning for the Referees

      im just going to find where they are staying before the game and pee in their wheaties.


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        Re: Game planning for the Referees

        Yeah that blown fumble call almost deflated the team. I'm pretty sure the coaches had to constantly keep telling our guys to keep playing. I hope they don't pull this ish against San Fran because every yard we get against them is gonna be well earned so getting turnovers is gonna be key.


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          Re: Game planning for the Referees

          Should we "gently" tackle or only on certain plays?
          Boley/Blackburn can audible "Softly! Softly!"