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  • Eli the MVP

    This is to all you Eli haters that call yourselves Giant fans for the longest time. I think there is no question if you look at statistics and success that Eli Manning is the best QB this historic franchise has ever had. This is not open for discussion because any argument against this FACT is just ignorant and completely silly. Now that his place in the history of this franchise is complete just remember where he stands as a part of our team. He is our MVP and the one player that we would be nothing without, just like his brother on the Colts. Now show the man the respect he deserves. He is clutch as they come. He is a champion, and he has to deal with one of the gayest fan bases ever constantly complaining. Well Boo friggity hoo, ***** and moan, you know why he makes the big bucks? He stays cool, takes all of your bull **** in stride and shows the world what he is made of!

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    Re: Eli the MVP

    First of all if you hate Eli then there's no way you're a Giants fan !!!!!!!!! He's our QB so either you're (ALL IN) or just plain against us ! Go BLUE, In the words of the last Great James Brown !!!! 49er's it's THE BIG PAYBACK