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Giants Defense vs 49ers Offense

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  • Giants Defense vs 49ers Offense

    How do you think the Giants can contain the 49ers Offense?

    The Giants D has been playing a lot better lately. I think the key has to be stopping Frank Gore he is one of the better RB's in the NFL. Also Vernon Davis is beast so we have to find a way to contain him. I think if our D-Line gets to Alex Smith we will be fine.

    Go Giants!!!
    New York Giants Superbowl XXI, XXV, XLII, XLVI Champions!!!!!

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    Re: Giants Defense vs 49ers Offense

    davis will be a huge problem because our linebackers are weak. i'd expect him to be shadowed by boley in bump and run coverage or have rolle on him


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      Re: Giants Defense vs 49ers Offense

      49ers fan here. Congratulations on the win, first of all. It was wonderful that even though the Packers weren't doing themselves any favors with those drops, that the Giants still overcame some horrible officiating to knock off the champs. Very happy to see that happen.

      As for containing the 49ers offense, once again much like the Saints game I think that is the key match-up. All the focus was on 49ers D vs Saints O, similar to the regular season game between the Niners and Giants.

      The 49ers and Giants have both improved leaps and bounds. The Giants more on defense, and the Niners on offense. When we played earlier the 49ers o line did a fantastic job of protecting Alex. Yet Alex is the most sacked QB in the league. How does that happen? I think what it boils down to is that we give up sacks due to confusion. We have a lot of physical talent on the line and when we take sacks, it is almost always from exotic or overload blitzing. We contained the Giants and Lions fairly well because of being able to man up and give Alex time to make plays. If the Giants want to put pressure on Alex, they have to do it with extra men. But Smith is excellent against the blitz if he has more than a second to throw.

      The reason our defense, and your defense as of late, has been so successful is because of getting pressure without blitzing. We both always play the pass and rely on skill to stuff the run. The 49ers are a lot better at that aspect on defense. It will be interesting if the Giants load up to stop Gore again, because that cost them once Alex found his rhythm.

      Keys to stopping 49ers offense: Blitz, but not overly so. Stop Gore, but don't over compensate. ALWAYS keep Vernon Davis in check.

      It's real simple to be honest. It's just that Harbaugh has found a way all year to keep things going as soon as one aspect of the offense isn't going smoothly.

      Good luck Sunday, not too much of course. I hope for an injury free game, and if the Giants happen to win they better bring back the Lombardi trophy (Especially if it is against the Patriots).


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        Re: Giants Defense vs 49ers Offense

        ^This. We don't have a flashy offense. Explosive plays are rare and we don't rely on it. Stay on your toes and stay frosty.


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          Re: Giants Defense vs 49ers Offense

          Alex Smith is in the zone right now. He is throwing perfect strikes and running for touchdowns. We need to disrupt that.