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Concern about Field/Weather Conditions!

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  • Concern about Field/Weather Conditions!

    First off i just want to say I finally got around to registering. I have been religiously reading these forums for the past 3 years. I Love the gameday threads, the news updates Roanoke gives us, and the overall community... EXCEPT when you guys are hating on my man Coughlin haha. Anyway I'm happy to finally be here posting, LETS GO GMEN []

    That's the weather forecast taken directly from

    We all know the Giants are going to have to protect the ball and win the turnover battle if we want to move on to the Superbowl. The 49ers have a hard hitting defense that forced what, 5 turnovers vs the saints?

    I'm very concerned with the weather going into this game. The field conditions are going to be bad whether or not it's raining come kickoff. The 49ers have an established run game that shows up every single game. Although we have made strides with our run game in the last month or so, it's still clear to me that our o-line is more built for pass protection...hence why we lean on Eli to win games.

    We have a shaky special teams, i hold my breath every single punt/kick return...
    Our backs do put the ball on the ground because of how hard they fight for extra yards...
    Bad field= receivers falling down/interceptions?

    I believe those problems will be magnified come Sunday...49ers+bad weather= nervous. The good news is, we have Coughlin. He will have the guys prepared but I hope he stresses ball security all week.

    How are you guys feeling about us taking on the 49ers on a potential bad field/rainy conditions? Tell me everything is going to be OK [st]

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    Re: Concern about Field/Weather Conditions!

    Weather was a factor versus GB, the wall was frozen, therefore slippery, and Eli still was able to do what he does best. Yes, weather is a factor, but if it's in the 50's and only raining, it shouldn't hurts us to bad.