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Great game again !

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  • Great game again !

    Like I said in my last post after beating Atl, that this team could win again.

    Just for the record I did say at start of season that giants would be 6-10 in case any lamers want to keep bringing it up. not 4-12 like 1 mor on keeps saying but 6-10.

    Anyways I watched the game in bits as I had to work a 15 hr shift and kept running into see plays off and on and got to see the end.

    The refs were brutal, Eli took at least 3 late hits and 2 helmet leading hits as well. Osi flag was one of the worst of the year. It must be home field advantage. Maybe the league wanted the Packers to represent instead of the Giants.

    Oh well this goes to show with out a few breaks that the score would be even more lopsided.
    I couldn't really see the whole game play out but happy nonetheless.

    Dline looked good and saved Ross who got burned bad by Jennings on a double move. (thank Osi for that) The Safety's played outstanding for what I saw of them too.

    I have nothing bad to say. This team is looking real scarry 2 more wins !!!

    Eli looked absolutely awesome which I have never said before. Hes looked really good this year but he looked awesome yesterday. I dont know if you guys noticed in such detail but a couple of times when it was 3rd and 7 or something like , you can see him read the field, on 1 play we needed 8 yards or something and he had a open wr about 5 yards or so but he looked past him and hit Cruz for 18 or something like that. The guy is in the zone and I think a lot of people the ones who cut him up for the last couple of years are starting to believe in him.

    I guess all the people who cursed that draft day move like I did are sure happy now. I know I am.

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    Re: Great game again !

    Great post,6-10 really? I thought 10-6! I never thought they would lose two games to the skins!


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      Re: Great game again !

      Hey at one point in the season I am sure a few would have thought I nailed it.

      Im glad I am wrong if we keep winning.