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  • VERY proud, (chime in)

    To be a Giants fan today (and everyday). Couldn't watch the GB highlights and analysis enough. Also proud Coughlin is our coach. We've all given him crap over the years, (myself included) some of it justified, but think about how many times since late in 2008 he could've lost his team and his job. He'll retire a GIANT, and two more wins now would make the hall of fame a lock. Takes a lot of heat, never acts like a moron in front of cameras, or acts like the fans and media should "take that" when they win. Never complained when 40 guys went on IR in August, or when they lost free agents. Just "coached up" the guys he got. Coached 'em up all the way to the title game. On a Sunday 1984 Phill Simms hit Byron Williams on a deep seam route for a juggling td catch and run. (nobody threw the seam pass like Simms!) it was the 1:00 game. I was 10. Had the Jets been the 1:00 game that day, things could've gone the other way for me. SO glad the Giants were on at 1:00 that day!