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    Let this serve as the absolute final warning to everybody who posts here, because things are completely out of control and we are about to start bringing the hammer down HARD on those who refuse to listen. DO NOT SAY THAT YOU WERE NOT WARNED

    The last thing that any of us as Moderators want to do is suspend or ban anyone from these boards. We are all die hard fans and bleed Blue just like the rest of you. However, for reasons unknown, people continually ignore our pleas to read the board before posting and just keep right on posting new topics in the wrong forums. We're all excited that the FO finally made a move in the Free Agent market, ok? There is no reason...NO REASON to have 40 different threads regarding Reuben Droughns anywhere on any of these forums. It is completely absurd the way everybody just loses all focus and starts one thread after another about the same thing. As of right now, it stops, including any other hot topic that may come up in the future. The threads that are already active will remain, but any new threads started will be removed and the poster suspended. Too harsh? is seemingly the only way we can get your attention. Thusfar, we have been largely ignored by trying to be nice about it.

    This is just a reminder to you all that posting false or misleading information on these forums is prohibited. You must provide a link to a reputable source(ie..ESPN, Sportsline, etc..) or the thread will be removed and you will receive a warning. For the record, a blog or a piece of informationfrom someone who claims to have "insider information" is not considered reputable.

    As for those who continue to complain about negativity and insist that we do something to remove negative posters, it is not happening. The world is made up of positive and negative forces and people have just as much of a right to be negative as you do to be positive. If someone is being a bit too harsh and is clearly and distinctly trying to start an argument, report the post to us using the REPORT button, which is found in the bottomright corner of each and every post. Negativity, as bad as it sometimes is, will not get someone removed from this forum. Starting a new thread to complain about a poster is heavily looked down upon and only adds to the nonsense, not to mention that it could possibly get you suspended before the guy you are complaining about. Report the poster(s), send any of us a PM, or drop an email to and one of us will do our best to take care of the problem as soon as humanly possible, but do NOT add to the nonsense by trying to take your beefs with someone else public, at least not on these forums. Not a good idea at all.

    Oh, and using a Moderator avatar as your own? Thats an account and IP ban. No warnings, zero tolerance.

    Want to post a picture that contains profanity in the text? 10 day vacation from the board.

    If it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Giants in any way, shape, or form(including signings by other teams of players you wanted in NY), it does NOT belong in TAGF. Literally hundreds of threads have been moved/deleted in the past week for this reason and some folks have been suspended for disregarding this rule, which has been in place since day 1.

    Again, if this seems a bit too harsh and you feel that you can't enjoy yourself here after reading this, accept our apologies. We certainly do not want to lose anyone and we would love to keep this board free-flowing and fun for everybody, but a line has to be drawn at some point when people start abusing any leeway we are willing to give. It has gone way past acceptable behavior lately and we have an obligation to try and keep things orderly and as 'G' rated as possible. There are plenty of other options out there for those who disagree with this statement and don't wish to remain here to discuss the Giants.

    It's up to you all on how this turns out.