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Bill Barnwell on GB-NYG: Boley Fabulous, Ballard Flopped...

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  • Bill Barnwell on GB-NYG: Boley Fabulous, Ballard Flopped...

    From Grantland's Bill Barnwell:

    New York Giants 37, Green Bay Packers 20

    Fabulous: Michael Boley. As the only Giants linebacker with
    much in the way of speed, Boley often spends his time as the coverage
    guy by default. With a total of three sacks during his three seasons
    with the Giants, you would have been forgiven if you didn't expect to
    see him making big plays in the backfield on Sunday. Instead, Boley
    delivered the game of his life. He sacked Aaron Rodgers twice, picking
    up a third-down sack that forced a punt and set up the Hail Mary drive,
    and then adding to it with a sack on fourth-and-5 early in the fourth
    quarter. With the Packers inside Giants territory while down by just
    seven, they might even have been favorites to win the game at that
    moment. Instead, after Boley's sack, they didn't touch the ball again
    with a chance to tie the game on one play. Boley also broke up a pass
    and had three tackles for loss.

    Flop: Jake Ballard. With arguably the best one-through-three
    group of wide receivers in the league alongside him, Ballard needs to be
    able to beat single coverage and make safeties respect him. If he can
    do that, big plays should open up beyond his routes for Hakeem Nicks and
    Victor Cruz. Instead, the same guy who caught 15 of the first 17 passes
    Eli Manning threw to him this year went just 1-for-8 on passes thrown
    in his direction on Sunday.