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NY Giants @ SF 49ers

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  • NY Giants @ SF 49ers

    The crazy thing about this game is we were both supposed to lose last weekend.


    "It's a new NFL" "Defense doesn't matter" "It's a passing league"

    Well, GB and NO, the definition of that new style is now watching from home.

    Its all of a sudden turned into more of an old school battle.

    I am going to do my best as how I see the matchup. I am sure there will be disagreements which is fine, but here it goes.

    QB: Giants. As well as Smith has been playing there is no denying Eli has been there before and proven himself more. If Alex keeps up what he has done this year for a few more, he may enter the same camp. But definitely not yet.

    RB: Niners. And I see this as VERY close, but Gore is a stud and Hunter is QUICK on the outside. It has become a great 1-2 punch. Of course Bradshaw/Jacobs is a great duo as well.

    WR: Giants. No need to debate this one. I have been a huge Nicks fan from the beginning. He's a beast and has great guys around him.

    TE: Niners: Should also be easy. VD is a beast. What you might not know is Walker and Peele are great blocking TE's, that is where they pull out the power 3 TE sets.

    OL: Draw? I want to say Niners, but our guys have been up and down. They have the potential to play great. What do we get on Sunday?

    DL: Draw: I feel good about this one. J. Smith makes sure we are as good as anyone. But playing in a 3-4 its different.

    LB: Niners. Willis and Bowman of course. Best Inside duo in the league. But watch out for those nickle and dime situations. That's where Aldon comes in. Dude is a beast (D rookie of year). This really needs to be looked at in combination with DL.

    DB: Draw? I would say both are good. Our strength is definitely with the play of ours safety's right now. They are bringing pain. On the corner Rogers has been playing great. I would love to actually hear from you guys about this position from the NYG. I am not well versed.

    ST: NINERS! This has won us games, 'nough said. From punts to FG's to our KO and punt coverage. This crew is good. It's funny its the first time I have paid them so much attention, but they really have been difference makers.

    Lastly coaching. Have to give it to Giants. As good and as much as I like Harbaugh, TC has been there and done it. If Harb's wins this game....We'll see...

    So interested to hear your thoughts. Obviously I know the Niners better than the Giants, so enlighten me []

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    Re: NY Giants @ SF 49ers

    QB: Giants.

    RB: Giants, but yours is nothing to sneeze @

    WR: Giants.

    TE: Niners:

    OL: 49ers I think. If we are better then you guys. Then you will have a long night like GB.

    DL: Giants - Sorry but our line is EVEN BETTER then in 07. Kiwi missed the playoffs based on broken leg, and we had rookie/young guys @ DT.

    LB: Giants ---- J/K Niners

    DB: Maybe a Draw, but I want to say Giants. Web has been shutting nearly everyone wr he is put on, and is never talked about. Ross is hit or miss, but seems to play good/great in big games (playoffs)

    ST: Might be a draw. Unless the 49ers have returned or given up a kick and/or punt returns.

    Coaching: TC, but great start for your coach. Will be interesting too see what happens with him next year.

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      Re: NY Giants @ SF 49ers

      Sound post.

      The biggest question to me is, who's winning in the trenches.

      First team to consistantly line-up their saftey in the box probably loses.

      my beer drinking team has a football problem


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        Re: NY Giants @ SF 49ers

        QB: NYG
        RB: SF
        WR: NYG
        TE: SF
        OL: Draw. SF has better run blocking, NYG has better pass protection

        DL: NYG
        LB: SF
        DB: NYG.

        ST: SF

        Even match up, in no way is this going to be the blow out fans of both teams expect, but don't expect the Giants players to be out physical-ed? (idk) by SF. We might have a little smaller scale version of what NO does (I think its closer than most people think), but the Giants are much, much more physical than the Saints.


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          Re: NY Giants @ SF 49ers

          QB: Giants.... "If Alex keeps up what he has done this year for a few more, he may enter the same camp.".... Are you being serious? If Alex has done this year for a few more, he isn't entering the same camp as Eli Manning. You are giving way too much credit. Smith averaged less than 200 passing yard per game and had only 17 TD passes. That is far from Eli's camp.

          RB: 49ers.... Simply because the O-line hasn't been protecting that well this season. If the Giants protected like last season, I would say Giants because they were averaging nearly 140 yards per game. More about the line than the RBs themselves. Bradshaw and Jacobs are both beasts.

          TE: 49ers

          OL: Giants.... 49ers line is responsible for Smith being the most sacked QB in the entire NFL. Giants line has been doing great for Eli and giving him lots of time. Block rushing has also improved.

          DL: Giants.... How can you say draw? The Giants defensive line is the most pressuring line in the entire NFL. They attack QBs constantly and would have easily led the NFL if Osi was healthy all season. Osi is healthy, Tuck is healthier and JPP is the best DE in the NFL. On the 49ers line, you have Smith. Giants really have 4 attacking players to worry about. And the Giants DL play the rush real well. It was their LBs who were struggling and that is why they were giving up more rushing yards.

          LB: 49ers

          DB: Giants.... Close but when I add the pressuring giants line, it makes it easier for them to cover.

          ST: 49ers

          Coaching: Giants


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            Re: NY Giants @ SF 49ers

            [quote user="bflo23"]DL: Giants.... How can you say draw? [/quote]

            Because it is not just the 3 down lineman in a 3-4. To make it comparable you have to add the coming LB.

            May be Aldon, Willis, Bowman, etc.

            It makes it tough and we HAVE created a lot of pressure with only 4. Who's the 4th? That's what makes it tough.