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Posts in TAGF - **PLEASE READ** EDITED 11/12

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  • Posts in TAGF - **PLEASE READ** EDITED 11/12

    Please make a conscious effort to post only GIANTS RELATED material in TAGF. During the off-season, we were much more lenient in what was permitted to be posted in here, because the trafic was much slower and easier to contain.

    Lately, a lot of folks have still kept up that pattern, and have used TAGF to post any and all other content, including completely off-topic content, which is never permitted. It would make our jobs that much easier if you would pay closer attention to where you are creating new threads. Having to move/delete 10-20 threads a day gets a little bit old and tiresome, and we would all appreciate it if you guys did your part and put non-Giants related threads in the appropriate forums. If your argument is that no one reads the other forums, it's still not a strong enough argument to change the rules.

    Also, please stick to the game day thread during the games. 200 individual threads about 200 individual plays is completely out of line, and very annoying. We pin a game thread to avoid that very thing, and it doesn't seem to be working. Please keep this in mind going forward.

    The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd - Bertrand Russell

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    Re: Posts in TAGF - **PLEASE READ**

    Also I would like to add that if you have something to add to a current topic thats being discussed in multiple threads - PLEASE do not start a new thread. I have deleted about 15 of them already this past week.

    For instance I just deleted somebody's post which subject was: "Eli's def the reason". Honestly I have been BS'ing in a thread of that nature all day. If your going to add something to that discussion - please do so in the thread that already exists.


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      Re: Posts in TAGF - **PLEASE READ** EDITED 11/12

      One quick note to clarify something that was addressed recently with a poster.

      Profanity, no matter how harmless you think it may be, is not permitted on these boards at any time. There is a filter in place to block out certain words, but folks have taken it upon themselves to intentionally misspell words that they know are blocked. It is strongly suggested that if you are going to use some kind of profanity, that you type/spell it out as it is supposed to be spelled, and allow the filter to edit as neccessary. Failure to abide by this rule will result in your temporary, or perhaps permanent, removal from the boards. There is no room for discussion, and there will be no further warnings issued.

      Thank you!
      The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd - Bertrand Russell