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The mark of a champion is...

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  • The mark of a champion is...

    ...when you can win ugly. And yesterday the Gmen won ugly.

    I am so happy that game went the way it did. All we have heard this post-season is how Atlanta was not playoff ready and Green Bay was rusty because of time off/emotional issues with their offensive coordinator, etc. No one thought that the Giants had played a team that was playing at their very best (including me, I'll be honest). But yesterday San Fran gave the Giants everything they had. Their defense was amazing and they physically beat Eli worse than I have ever seen any team do. Moreover, the weather was a disaster. Nevertheless, despite all this the Giants pulled it out. They won against a great team, on the road, in a difficult environment.

    They have beaten the team with the best record, they have beaten the team with the best defense, they have won on the road, they have won at the last minute, they have won in bad weather. All they need to do now is beat the best offense and they are champs again.
    I bELIeve in February 4, 2018.

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    Re: The mark of a champion is...

    I really think facing the Giants again puts a lot of pressure on NE!!

    I feel really good about our chances!!!