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    I don't know if anyone in the Giants organization will read this, but would love for it to get passed along.

    First off, congrats on the great win!! My third child, Brody, was born 2/4/8, a day after the Giants last Super Bowl victory. He later passed on 7/7/8. It was pretty much reasons unknown, but the doctors said we should be fine if we wanted to have more children.

    6/24/10, our 4th child, Brayden was born. Just after Christmas, he started getting sick a lot, constant ear infections. Right around 1/31/11, he was diagnosed with SCID, an immune deficiency (like the John Travolta movie, the boy in the bubble). It was also the week of Brody's 3rd birthday (guardian angel?).

    Brayden had a bone marrow transplant at Duke University on 2/25/11. After various hospitalizations (him and my wife lived in Durham for almost 6 months), he came home on 8/4/11 and is doing great!

    This year again, the Giants are in the Super Bowl. This time, the date is a day after Brody's birthday, and the same week that Brayden was diagnosed with SCID. It feels very much like 2008 to me with all the similarities (including the Patriots).

    I am writing this to hopefully be inspiration. Brayden has fought through a lot, including a hospitalization where he coded and had to be revived. He may be the happiest boy you could ever imagine. And we are still a happy family, even though many families and couples split after the loss of a child.

    Please use our story as inspiration for perseverance, courage, and strength in your game in the 2 weeks. I also now have my oldest son, 8, very much into the Giants. He is quite excited also!!

    Good luck, and congratulations. And if you would like anymore information, you can email me at the email on my account.

    Go Big Blue!!