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Is Anthony Wright the first Black QB G-men ever had?

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    Re: Is Anthony Wright the first Black QB G-men ever had?

    I was hoping this thread actually might discuss Anthony Wright but I see that there is no chance of that. Are there even moderators on this board?

    Anyway, 420, I have to respond to a few things you said here.
    [quote user="giantsfan420"]
    Nice post, you really put that guy in
    his place. The thing he doesn't understand is that the things we help
    out the minority cultures with is because WE OWE THEM. There was a
    little thing called slavery, I don't know if the guy who starterd that
    neo nazi post understands this premis. It's one thing to know the term
    slavery, its another to imagine your family, blood line being forced
    into slave labor with no pay and no rights. When we abolished slavery,
    certain politicians lobied for the necessary help that these minority
    groups rightly deserve. This guy says "If a black person sees me he can
    call me honkey etc etc, if I call him the n word I m a racist." Well,
    the thing you MUST understand is, it took white society about 100 plus
    years to get a proactive idea, slavery isn't that old, thus, we must
    allow those who suffered the time to get that same proactive idea. I
    liked your point about when and how those racist terms really effect
    the culure, its when those in power use those terms and thoughts, not
    the minority.

    I am white. 100 years ago my family was living in dirt poor conditions in southern Italy, hardly able to feed themselves. My great grandfather saved up to come to America. He was discriminated against and not given jobs because he was Catholic and he was "dark." He never had slaves. Nor did his grandfather, or his grandfather's grandfather.

    You can blame the English colonists and early white Americans for slavery and its effects, but please keep in mind that

    A. they're all dead and their ancestors aren't guilty of their sins
    B. not all white Americans are descended from slave owning Anglos. In fact, most are not.
    C. I don't "owe" anyone anything because of the mistakes of people I am not even related to.

    [quote user="giantsfan420"]
    If I go onto a public forum and start saying racist things and I apologize but I have to use an example, "Black people are the best at basketball." Granted, your opinion may coincide with that statement, however people must evolve into not saying "black" people, but the individual, i.e. Michael Jordan was the best bball player ever. When we get into classifications and labeling, no matter what the argument, it will lead to thinking that hurts instead of helps.[/quote]

    Ok, here is where you lose me. I do not follow basketball, but is it safe to say that hmm.. out of the top 10 NBA players, 7 of them are black? And that there are a lot more blacks than any other race in the NBA? Then how is it not just an observation that "black people are the best at basketball"? What is wrong about that? How is it not factual, if at the highest level of basketball... the NBA... out of millions of people who love to play, the "cream of the crop" who go pro are mostly black.

    It does not necessarily imply that there is some feature inherent in African DNA strains that = basketball all star. It just means that the best players in the NBA are black! Guess what, the best bowlers in the Vienna Bowling League are Austrian! :-)

    You see, the human mind has a natural tendency to categorize things. General categories based on observation and experience is how we make sense of the world.

    Where a generalization like this goes wrong is when it leads to statements like:
    "You're black, so you must be good at basketball." or "You're Asian, so you must suck at basketball." That is where it gets bad, because it turns the generalization into an absolute... and a generalization is just that... "generally" correct in terms of trends, not an absolute indicator of individual performance.

    Do you see the difference here?

    That's why Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, everyone was pulling for this guy to get fired. Its not because he's white, it's because he literally crossed a line and labeled and classified black women into "knappy headed hoes".
    Ok, this betrays your ignorance of the topic.It doesn't seem like you have ever listened to Imus, or really done much investigation into this particular incident.

    I actually listened to Imus so I got to know his personality. I remember when he was discussing race, and what he said to his son Wyatt when he asked why some guys are black and some guys are white. Imus told his son, it's like cars, I've got a black pickup, your mom has a white one, but they have t he same engine, they run on the same gas. I think that is a great analogy to use to describe race to a child. And certainly is not an analogy that a racist would use!

    Also, Imus used the "nappy" term to describe Rutgers team compared to the Tennessee team... both teams were primarily black. He was not using it to describe all black women.

    Anyway, I'm not at all defending what he said, just trying to put it into context, and let you know that if you actually listen to the guy, he is not a racist. He just did something awful, like we all do at different points in our life.

    Rather than Imus taking classes on racism, I think you should take some more sociology classes, especially one that teaches:

    1. Do not jump to conclusions
    2. It's best to withhold judgement until you have all the facts.


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      Re: Is Anthony Wright the first Black QB G-men ever had?

      This is exactly why we don't allow any kind of political, religious,or racially oriented discussion on any of these forums. It gets off topic and then it gets ugly.