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  • WYD = Whose your daddy

    If the Giants continue to play effectively they way they have the last 5 games, the Giants will win the SB again.

    I'd love to see a remake of the Hitler clip when the Giants beat the Patriots. lmao

    The Pats O is very good. Their D has played better too. They stopped Ray Rice from running the ball. However, once Flacco hit a few passes the Pats defesne backed off and then the Ravens started to run the ball better.

    This is why I hope our OC sets up the run with our passing game. Our passing game is our strength this year. Set up the timely runs with the passing game!

    Oh and one last point, If it is 3rd down and 5 don't run a 3 yard slant pass. Run a 5 yard slant pass for god's sake!!!