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We won fair and square

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  • We won fair and square

    The last time I heard there was 4 entire quarters and a full 60 minutes to play a football game for both opponents.Uless there is OT?

    As I said in another post, thre are usually 5 keys plays in every game that changes the momentum and/or the outcome.

    Both teams have offenses, defenses and special teams play.

    Dont give me any crap excuses about injuries and a novice punt/kickoff returner. The Giants have had their share during this entire season.

    If the 49ers team and coach was concerned and smart they would have told their man to call a fair catch and not try to run. Dont claim we won cuz of ONLY that play.

    Both Defenses played great! We made one more play than they did. There may have been a few bad NO holding calls but i think it was fair and they let them play the game to decide a winner. The refs didnt effect the outcome. The better team won. Do you hear Ravens fans crying about their loss to the Patsies?

    The Giants have been persistant and overcame injuries too. We had experience on our side and it showed. Examples, stupid penalties by V Davis after scoringf TD cost his team 15 yards.

    Alex Smith couldn't do much againts are defense. 1 pass to a WR? We shut them down.

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    Re: We won fair and square

    the fact that the 9ers didn't convert a single 3rd down says it all. luck my ***. we were the better team.