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  • after further review...

    getting ahead of myself here, but the giants need to figure out a way to keep Mario/Nicks/Cruz together and not let Mario walk this off-season. Must find a way, because this is a major strength of our team. It is now our identity. i know it's hard to keep everyone, but this is one area they need to find a way. think about it. What's the biggest advantage we have against New England? pass rush... passing game. you keep those in tact and build around it by restructurung some deals, letting go of other depth etc. plus the rookies will now make much less under the new cap rules. making it a little easier to wiggle as well.

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    Re: after further review...

    It's going to be really hard, to be honest. I don't know our cap numbers, but I don't think we have a lot of money to spend.

    Let's be honest too, after his postseason, Manningham is going to want #1 money. Drew Rosenhaus as his agent doesn't help us.

    Plus, we're going to need to re-sign Nicks and Cruz, whose contracts are up after next season. No offense to Mario, because he's been good here, but i think Nicks/Cruz are much better and worth the money.