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Is Vernon Davis T.O. 2?

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  • Is Vernon Davis T.O. 2?

    I have been away from the boards for a while and this may have been posted already. Is it just me or is VD turning into TO? First the crying after the big catch like TO did in a playoff game agaisnt GB, then standing on the TV camera platform just like TO did after the wild card in Jan 03.
    I know this much he needs some dancing lessons after seeing his salsa dance yesterday. Maybe Mike Singletary was right "Can't win with him".
    New York Football Giants fan, from the womb to the tomb.

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    Re: Is Vernon Davis T.O. 2?

    I didn't realize that T.O. had done both of those things as well.

    I know -- what was Vernon Davis thinking? His 15-yard penalty for that celebration could have helped us put up points. It didn't, but still -- this is the championship game and you're not playing the Rams here. That could have been a very costly penalty for his team.

    Giants played like they've been there before. The 49ers did not.