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Initial thoughts on the Super Bowl game vs Patriots

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  • Initial thoughts on the Super Bowl game vs Patriots

    I went back to how I thought the game would turn out in the last Super Bowl, and I definitely think our pass-rush totally was the biggest factor in harassing Brady all day long. I honestly thought that the Patriots had an edge though not because of the 18-0 record, but on paper and match-up wise, I just didn't know if our defense would be good enough to pull it off by themselves. As it turned out, Eli was the joker card.

    Fast forward to this Super Bowl, I hear a lot of people talking about stopping the two-headed TEs, which is understandable, but let's not forget about Welker and Branch either, these two WRs can make plays if we sleep on them. If you look at the New England's regular season, they score in the 30s MOST OF THE TIME, I think New England offense is overlooked by the Giants fans because we beat them in the regular season, but their offense is not inferior to the Giants offense by any means.

    The true edge here is our pass-rush again, yeah the secondary has played magnificently but they had mental lapse in the last game by giving VD two TDs, YOU CAN'T DO THAT against the Patriots and expect to win. If Alex Smith can hit open receivers lilke that, Brady certainly will.

    What I really like though about this match-up is the venue, it's a fast track, which will help the Giants a lot more with their WRs and our pass-rushers, and could be the deciding factor in the game as dull as it may sound.