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You know whats going to be REALLY annoying?

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  • You know whats going to be REALLY annoying?

    IF the giants don't win the Super Bowl all the a holes that start "I told you this year was nothing like 2007!" threads.

    Aside from things that are ridiculously similar (bad D turns around for late season surge, everyone wanting Coughlin gone and saying he's lost the team (granted that's almost every season in NY sports) week 15 vs redskins, week 16 with bradshaw rushing us to victory vs AFC East team, NFC South team in wild card, beating #1 seed, beating #2 seed in poor weather, in overtime, after a turnover sets up a game winning FG, PLAYING THE PATRIOTS FOR THE TITLE IN OUR WHITE JERSEYS!!!) I'd say that the thing that makes this most like 2007 is we were a team no really gave a chance to and would find "excuses" as to why we won games while ignoring the process of everyone coming together as a TEAM.

    We bonded and took a squad of players no one said could get it done, went ALL IN for EACHOTHER and took it to the very last game on the NFLs sched.

    And you know what?

    THAT'S the thing all the nay-sayers and fair weather fans were REALLY talking about when they would rain down with their "this is not gonna be 2007....DEAL WITH IT!" rants.

    All the other similarities just make me smile even bigger when that non-sense is spewed forth.

    ONE GAME TO GO!!!!!!!

    Let's do it, Big Blue!!