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Draft Day - Recommended reading for all

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  • Draft Day - Recommended reading for all

    A bit of info for those who will be watching the NFL Draft this weekend and posting on the boards:

    There will be a pinned thread in TAGF for all Giants draft discussion/movement. Please adhere to this and try tokeep all discussion in this one pinned thread so that we can avoid a complete flood of multiple threads with the same topic over and over again. This is not optional, folks. Threads will start to disappear if things get even a little bit out of hand. Scan the board before posting, as there is a 99.9% chance that someone has already posted exactly what you are attempting to post.

    There will also be a pinned thread inthe NFL DRAFT sectionfor ALL OTHER DRAFT DISCUSSION FOR OTHER NFL TEAMS. TAGF IS NOT THE PLACE FOR ANY OF IT!

    We ask that you please keep this in mind and abide by it during the draft. We are expecting a lot of traffic and none of us have any desire to start removing people because they refuse to listen, but it will happen if things get ugly. We'd rather be expending our energies trying to get rid of trolls rather than Giants fans who are here to talk with other Giants fans.