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Eli's Passing Technique - Not a Problem Anymore

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  • Eli's Passing Technique - Not a Problem Anymore

    There haven't been many posts this year about weak, wobbly passes, inaccurate throws or bad throws off his back foot.

    I think the accuracy issues have been helped a lot by Eli and his receivers just being on the same page and running reliable routes. Eli threw a ridiculous number of INTs in '10 and, while most of them were his fault, maybe a third of them were not his fault at all. That was a solvable problem and apparently, they solved it. Paul Schwartz (or maybe it was Ralph Vacchiano) said on Giants On Line that, during the lockout, Eli spent days at Hoboken HS working with his receivers. In the rain.

    Eli has always been able to throw a great long ball where he can extend his arm. But his short passes now have ZIP!! He even is delivering the ball better off his back foot and, let's face it, sometimes you just have to be able to pass from an awkward position when you have 900 lbs of D-line in your face and you can't step up. His release on short passes is a a little quicker too. Not exactly Dan Marino but it's resulted in fewer tipped balls.

    Eli has always started seasons well and sometimes faded in the second half. I have no way of knowing but I have a theory on this: During the off-season and training camp he works on his technique and muscle memory. As the season goes on, he has to spend more time preparing for opposing Ds and play execution, and less time on fundamentals. Some of his bad habit may creep back in. In any event, that clearly hasn't happened this year.

    BTW, he may not have had his best game passing last week, but he may have had his best game yet at playing the quarterback position. I just watched the game again on DVR. It was an amazingly disciplined job of managing the game under miserable conditions.

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    Re: Eli's Passing Technique - Not a Problem Anymore

    Great post.

    There are three things that are different with Eli this season.

    1. He is throwing the ball better than ever. He's not throwing high like he used to. He's hitting guys in stride. He still has some "touch" issues but we can worry about that next season. []

    2. He and his receivers are on the same page.

    3. He's being smart with the football. He's not killing us with the turnovers the way he did last year. Last week's game showcases this point perfectly. The fact that he did not turn the ball over last week is incredible.


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      Re: Eli's Passing Technique - Not a Problem Anymore

      Ii think this year can be summed up by his greater control of his passes, and evolution of his backfoot fadeaway.

      Better accuracy in the 30-40 yard range

      Doing a good job of getting the ball around and seeing the whole field, only had tunnelvision issues in a few games

      Great awareness in the pocket, and success in flicking the ball off right before he gets sacked. First game where he started showing that sixth sense was when he moved the ball all over in the eagle game while getting attacked every play

      Very few fumbles, overall Eli looks like he was in better shape this year, and has shown his best ever poise in the pocket, and this is probably the worst offensive line since 2003 and 2004