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The more I hear about Pats, the more BS they sound.

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  • The more I hear about Pats, the more BS they sound.

    On Gronk's injury, I'm hearing everything from he won't play to he's acting to fool the Giants, the most likely truth to me is that he's about 70% but the thing is his 70% is probably still better than other tightends' 100%. Jam him at the line and he'll be ineffective.

    On the Ocho being an X-factor, I say it's a total BS, that's like saying Hynoski will be the Giants' X-factor, no disrespect to Hynoski, but he's not going to be a playmaker, and Ocho certainly won't be theirs. Ocho is a total bogus distraction tactic. Don't buy it. And even if it's not, our 4th CB can cover washed up Ocho.

    On Edelman playing CB, they are not going to let him single cover anybody most of the time, it'll be a double-coverage, I don't think Bellichick is that arrogant to try anything else.

    On Patriots' defense, what they play is bend but no break defense, they give up a lot of big plays over 20 yards, twice as many as the 2007 defense did, that's not a good defense any way you look at it, they might be good enough to hold a lead, but without the lead to protect, this defense is not going to hold to mount any comebacks. Get a lead early and this game could be over by by 3rd quarter.

    On Tom Brady's recent playoff blunders, look he's still Tom Brady and he's capable of anything, but let's not put him on a pedestal either, he did suck in recent playoff games vs. Ravens and last year vs. Jets. Tom Brady is not as unbeatable that people think he is, even the Giants beat him in the regular season, bang him around with our front four and take his play time away and he shouldn't be able to do much.

    On Bellichick with 2 weeks of preaparation is unbeatable rhetoric, I say game planning can only do so much, it still comes down to the players and execution, trick plays simply don't work in the playoffs, and against a veteran and very focused team like the Giants, Bellichick's magic is going to be minimal.

    NY Giants 34 - NE Patriots 24

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    Re: The more I hear about Pats, the more BS they sound.

    I also think the Gronk's injury is very misleading and he might be faking it after all he did return to the game so i doubt if it's less the 80%