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Cap situation for next season...

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  • Cap situation for next season...

    As the title suggest, does anyone know what our cap situation is looking like for next season?

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    Re: Cap situation for next season...

    Next season doesn't start until Monday.


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      Re: Cap situation for next season...

      I was able to dig this up today as now the season is over and we can start looking forward to the next one.

      Here are the list of our FA's needing to be resigned:

      Mario Manningham - No way we resign him. After his solid season and SB performance/catch, teams will be throwing big money at him.

      Terrell Thomas -
      He was injured in he should be ready for camp. I can't see us not re-signing him. He should also come at somewhat of a value price in the meantime.

      Steve Weatherford -
      There is no way we don't lock this man up. He will be our punter for years to come. This guy is too good, and he loves playing for us.

      Chase Blackburn -
      A good role player, but there will be a few teams foolish enough to throw more money at this guy then he is worth. I don't see him back next season.

      Jonathan Goff -
      Like T2, guy is coming off having a Torn ACL. Good possibility he'll be back.

      Aaron Ross -
      He'll be gone for sure. Between Prince pushing for more playing time and T2 back, there is really no place for him.

      Kareem McKenzie - Age and injuries catching up to him. His replacement will come out in one of the 1st 3 rounds of the draft imo.

      Deon Grant -
      Quality depth from a solid veteran, but his ride with us is done.

      Rocky Bernard -
      He's done with us.

      Bear Pascoe- Bad time to get least he gets a ring out of the deal....cya pal.

      And here are the rest of our FA's who will likely be gone. Out of this bunch, I can maybe see Thomas/Blackmon being resigned....MAYBE Carr only cause he is familiar with our system.

      Justin Tryon
      Dave Tollefson
      Stacy Andrews
      Will Blackmon
      Devin Thomas
      Jimmy Kennedy
      Tony Ugoh
      Domenik Hixon
      David Carr
      Michael Coe
      Derrick Martin
      Rhys Lloyd
      Michael Clayton
      Bruce Johnson

      We are projected to be at roughly $124,735,807 after signing our draft class. We need to cut some dead money or have people restructure, as we don't have the room to make an important FA signing. With that being said, I think Brandon Jacobs will be a victim of the cap squeeze. If he's not willing to restructure yet again, then we pretty much have no choice but to cut him loose.


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        Re: Cap situation for next season...

        Bear didn't get hurt...ballard and beckum did. and bear is a restricted free agent.ballard is an exclusive rights free agent. beckum is under contract for another year yet.


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          Re: Cap situation for next season...

          I'm not sure why everyone assumes HAM is gone.....we'll have money freed up by cutti ties with some dead's a strong WR FA group.....coming off of a super bowl victory makes it more attractive for our & other FAs......and it's no secret that having 3 legit threats at WR is a huge part of our offense this year, Reese & co know that.......and once the Oline/RB situation gets handled,along with a legit 2nd TE, the skys the limit for this Offense....