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Game Plan for Giants to hopefully beat Pats

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  • Game Plan for Giants to hopefully beat Pats

    On offense: Spread the ball around to all, obviously especially to whoever is in single coverage. If they dbl Nicks and Cruz, goto MM or our TE, RB, or FB. Set up the run with the passing game. 60% pass/ 40% run, not 50-50. start out with simple pass patterns then exploit them with double moves and deep routes. Control Pats Wilfork up the middle or whereever he lines up. Giants OL should be able to protect Eli as the Pats DL is not the same as the 49ers.

    We had great reps against GB QB Rodgers who releases ball quick. This is what Brady will probably do? We had great reps against better defense of SF. We should be ready, confident, not cocky!!! OC dont be so darn predictable.

    On D, with our front 4 DL bring pressure up the middle and force Brady out of the pocket to his left side. LBs and DBs give them the short outs but stay between the Tackles to prevent the dink and dunk quick slants. Hit them at the line to throw off the timing routes. If they catch the dink and dunk passes, do what the Ravens did, dont let them get YAC. TACKLE BETTER!

    It's amazing that I've seen the Giants play great during this season on 1st and 2nd downs and then screw the pooch on 3rd and long
    EXcept against the 49ers two weeks ago when they were great!!!

    Special Teams: Continue to kick out of bounds so no returns or limit return.

    I WISH:
    Tynes pls kick the ball through the damn end zone from the 35.

    After we score, special teams pls dont give up good field position on KO.

    Be prepared for everything, no huddle in the start of the game!!! Onside kick? Fake Punt, Option pass.

    Think i covered it all lol

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    Re: Game Plan for Giants to hopefully beat Pats

    Bottom line have more points than the Pats . I don't care how we do it , just do it